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UGWA starts now, you've gotten past the first page or so and want to know more......but first lets clarify who this is for....if you are a business owner and entrereprenur at any level then this is for you. You could be wanting to start a business, have dipped your toe in the water or be well on the road of your success adventure.

The program is designed for stability, growth, nurturing, immersion and connection. Our team have been selected because of their experience and what they can offer to enhance your business. When you leave UGWA Business Edition we want you to feel expanded, that your foundations are more solid and you know the direction you are taking and what you need to do to get there. We want you to have ideas that solidify that you know what you are doing and are connected to the purpose of what you are offering.


​As soon as you sign up we are here to support you - it doesn't matter what level of business you are at we want to give you as much as we can so you walk away satisfied that you have made a good decision for your investment (that is also a tax deduction in most places).

So pre-arrival, we have all the information you need in the private Facebook Group and membership hub to be ready to be immersed into the UGWA experience. Because we want you to be ready when you get there we will be sharing some live, online workshops (that are recorded to ) from April with Liesel and some of our other experts. 

We will also give you all you need to know about flights, transfers, and recognizing each other at airports. If you need a travel agent we can connect you to our two favourites - one in the USA and the other in Australia. Our Australian one can also organise flights for the rest of the world.

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during UGWA


From the moment that you step off the transfer bus, we want you to be immersed into the UGWA Business Edition experience. It is time to check-in, register, and receive your Welcome Gifts. Have some time to relax before our Official Opening which of course includes a touch of Vietnamese flair, food, and entertainment - let's start this week off with a bang. 

Our days start off with early morning options if that is your thing before you enjoy a buffet breakfast that JW Marriott is known for. We then come together to take you on a process  that flows from the foundations of business during the first few days, key note presentation by Dr Tererai Trent and a chat from the stage with Tererai and Liesel.  Then after a day of rest we move onto business expansion. Over the week we have  7 workshop opportunities all surrounded by like minded women, time for planning, delving through the processes of business and are immersed in discussions, learning, laughter, knowledge and those out of the program discussions that are unique to retreats.  

Learning and discussion points  over the week cover areas such as -


  • Business establishment and  your business blueprint with Linda Beach (South Carolina) and Maggie Sarfo (London)

  • Leadership and recognising your personal power in business is vital and Shannon Dunn (Perth) will show you how.

  • You don't know what you don't know so the talented and experienced Tammie Guest (Newcastle) will share with you all about bringing your business structure to life 

  • Diversity and inclusion in every business is an important part of growth and we invited Louise O'Reilly (Perth) to share her knowledge with us.

  • Keeping that work life balance with women's empowerment coach Jo Worthy (Canberra)

  • The perfect client formula with Liesel Albrecht (Traralgon) give you a proven formula to establish who they are and the language you need to talk.

  • Branding and marketing with Jessica Ritchie (Brisbane)

  • Caroline Smith will share with us her Money Strategy tips so we get it right for wherever we are in business (Perth)


  • Having a launch plan is so important in business - why be all over the place when you can do exactly what you need to do. Laura Dick (New Zealand will show us how to make this easy, focused and work with our cycles.

  • Copy that attracts your perfect clients with Jay Crisp Crow (Perth)

  • Public speaking and holding the space that has people listening to every word is Laura Henshall (Sydney)

  • Signature program development that reflects and grows your client base with Swapna Thomas (Delhi)

  • For media and marketing Sian Yewdall (Townsville) will step you through her proven publicity fomula.

  • For story telling - books and blogs the fabulous Jo Johnson (Manilla) guides us through

  • Systems and their importance for business success with Heinna Vea (Sydney)

  • Most of us sit at our desks far to long each day so Jenni Williams (Traralgon) will share some simple movement ideas to help your body sustain this

  • Social media and websites are where we are still finding the best fit for us so stay tuned!!!!

Afternoons can be free, you can book a 1:1 session with one of our experts o or you can head into the Old Quater of Hanoi to explore a city full of diversity and ancient wisdom.

Some of the evenings we have planned activities like the Market Night on Tuesday where you get to sell and market your offerings. We will also have local businesses joining us so we can support local as they come out of an extremely hard few years.

We finish the week how we started with a celebration of you and your business, in beautiful surrounds with women who understand.

A glance below will show you what we are planning.

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When you leave UGWA the support and growth doesn't stop. We will be having some online catch ups in our Circle Groups after 1 and 3 months to see where we are all at.

Then at 3 and 6 months we will come together for some online discussions as we want to hear all about your business and how it is going.

You will also be the first to get exclusive offers from our team and for future UGWA retreats. we don't want the week to be diminished as soon as you get home. 

if you have questions then jump to here as we may have answered them.