The Ultimate Girls Week away
1st - 8th october, 2022
Sheraton grand
Danang, vietnam

By joining us at UGWA - Business Edition we want you to
Be inspired with our Big Vision Keynote
Join our deep dive daily workshops with Our Experts
Be part of Engaging Stage Presentations
Book in for 1:1 Experiences
Celebrate your visions for your Business Success
through top level business development

Take the effortless journey (1).png

As you wander the streets of any city or town in Vietnam there are things to notice - things, that previous to running my own business I would not have noticed. The women in the streets, in shops, in businesses who are out working, busy doing everything they need to do to take home money for their family,  their children, and aging parents.


But beyond that is the next layer of what they are doing beyond the naked eye, the planning, and the dedication to necessity is what makes each part of the puzzle fit - so that what they sell and do all works together to produce their ultimate outcome. 

The woman pictured is at a local marketplace in Hoi An, selling vegetables to other vendors and kitchen operators, and then she began charging $5 for a photo when the tourism boom came to Vietnam and the abundance of cooking schools appeared.  I learned her story, she used to make 'just enough money to get by', and as the tourists came they would often take her photo as she was at the front of the market, usually without asking. This made her mad until she realized she could use them to her advantage and if they wanted a photo then they could pay her for it. All the tour guides and cooking schools knew this and pre-warned you to have your money out ready. Best plan for building your money stream that I have ever heard!

Keep reading and see what we have planned for you at the Ultimate Girls Week Away - Business Edition. 

                                                                 Liesel Albrecht

                                                                 The Retreat Specialist


Seven days.
eighteen experts.
A specifically designed program. 
keynote wisdom keepers.
A journey from foundations to expansion.

an amazing hotel perfect for events like this.

Time to absorb, grow, contemplate and manifest the extraordinary.

The Ultimate girls week away (UGWA for short) is exactly what you need to nurture and grow your vision for your business.

the time is now.


Seven days of business, self-care, connection, inspiration, expansion, and knowledge.

Seven days of learning from entrepreneurs and business experts from all over the world.

Seven days of discussions about your visions and where you are headed in the future.

Seven days of business growth and development.


UGWA Business Edition is unlike ANY retreat or conference anywhere around the world, in fact, we think we are the first of a kind where we encompass everything a business owner needs to know to develop, upscale, and expand.

Sheri Selata (6).png

Eighteen experts

We have invited women from around the world to join our team of experts for this journey - women that have experience in their own business and know what you need to have in your toolkit to allow your business to thrive. 

Women like Bianca McKenzie who is immersed in the world of social media advertising, or Laura Henshall who runs an amazing public speaking business, or Swapna Thomas who can take you down a journey of signature programs. Other names you will know, some you won't - Shannon Dunn, Caroline Smith, Tammy Guest, and Jessica Ritchie just to name a few more, you can check them out and their words of wisdom throughout the website.

These women all have their own journeys to share with you and levels of expertise that will take you on a journey from foundations to up-leveling and growth. Wherever you are in your path - from not having stepped out of employment to being in business for years this is for you.

Sheri Selata (6).png

Dr Tererai Trent is coming to us live and in person in at UGWA. 


We invite you to join us at UGWA - Business Edition to hear Dr Trent share with us her wisdom on life and business and ways to step into who we are meant to be and those sacred dreams that we have.

Calling on both ancient and present day knowledge, Dr. Trent will lead you through a deeply personal journey to uncover the deep well of power hidden within you—the power to forge a brighter path, both for your professional and personal life and for the world.  


She is talking squarely to you -  women who desire to build a supportive network for themselves and each other, set astonishing goals, achieve them and amplify their voice and impact in the world in meaningful ways. 

You will embark on a deeply personal journey to join the sacred sisterhood and:

·        explore who you are, 

·        lift your sisters up and be supported yourself, 

·        learn from the collective feminine and share your unique gifts, 

·        explore fresh ideas, 

·        embrace your tremendous power, 

·        step into your role as a leader and

Drawing from both the wisdom of her African roots, her extraordinary experiences in modern America and her travels around the globe, Tererai guides you into the depths of your heart and spirit to:

·        discover (or rediscover) your dreams, 

·        identify the greater meaning in your life, 

·        tap into your courage and 

·        find the resources necessary to make your dreams a reality.  

Dr. Trent will lead you, encourage you and serve your trusted guide and mentor.  

The time is now.  Let’s begin.  

Let's begin (18).png

join A VIP Dinner with tererai & liesel

50th Birthday-23_edited.jpg

setting the scene

Imagine a week where you are connecting and learning from entrepreneurs and business experts from all over the world. Where you get to listen to women who have a story and have built a business within that.


What are those key things you need to know about business both in the beginning and along the journey - you don't know what you don't know right? UGWA Business Edition is unlike ANY  retreat or conference anywhere around the world, it encompasses all of those aspects of business that you need to know, reflect on, and uplevel in. 

It is designed for women (she/her, they/them) at whatever level of business that you are at - you may work for someone else still, have a toe or two in the water, have already dived in, or have been in business for many years. You will meet women just like you who have dreams to bring what they know and feel into the world. We will walk you through both the foundations and the expansion of business and will meet you at the level you are at. 

You won't walk away thinking that was great but I didn't learn much!!

The team

This team is truly international and diverse in many ways - ages, cultures, backgrounds, experiences, and of course professionally.  They have been selected to present a well rounded and holistic view of business - for you this means that there are different aspects of what you present to consider. 

The program

From the moment you decide that this is for you, we have everything taken care of - dedicated travel agents to book your flights, transfers from the airport to the hotel, beautiful single or twin share rooms and that is just the beginning.

On arrival at the Sheraton Grand Danang Resort and Spa, right near Hoi An you will step into a space that is dedicated to you and your business - that wants you to immerse yourself into an unforgettable experience which is why during registrations you will receive a beautifully chosen Welcome Gift that includes the UGWA Business Edition Planner that includes space for 6 months of planning and information from our Team and Key Note Wisdom Speaker Dr Tererai Trent.

First on the agenda is a Welcome Event - meet the team, be inspired, mingle over drinks by the lake and a dinner fitting for such a retreat. It includes music, conversation and so much more and will prepare you for the experience ahead of you.

All of this before we even start. 

Our days will be structured to get the most out of the program - pre-morning fitness and meditation if getting up early is your thing and a scrumptious breakfast before we come together in the Fanispan Conference room for a morning of sharing, growth, and inspiration. 

The ultimate retreat & Leadership masterclass

If retreats and leadership are your thing then this masterclass could be a perfect edition for your UGWA Business Edition. 

For 8 months (May - December 2022) work directly with Liesel Albrecht - CEO and Creator of The Retreat Specialists, the Ultimate Girls Week Away brand and author of upcoming book - How to Build A Million Dollar, Celebrity Attracting Retreat Business. 

If this might be for you then  stay tuned

The hotel

The Sheraton grand is the perfect place to be with a mix of tropical and business, beach and mountains all in one. 

Elegance, meeting rooms, technology, restaurants, views of the mountains and the white beaches, close to the hustle and bustle of Danang and Hoi An, but also a step removed. Perfect.

Take a step into their website and see for yourself.

The adventure day

Every good experience needs a day off and this is exactly the same. We want you to go out and explore the surroundings - day trips to Marble Mountain, My Son or Red bridge Cooking School. Or if sitting by the pool or a relaxing massage or some water sports is your thing then we will have that as well.  As we travel along we will share these with you but click through to learn more about this region of Vietnam. All the details of this will be sent to you after registration as we get closer to October.

want to skip straight to the registration page? 
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what some of our UGWA experts say about business and the  key things they need to succeed

Click on them to see

the inclusions


  • A private Facebook Group dedicated to UGWA Business Edition where we will share all that is happening for October and make it the place to ask questions and share ideas.

  • From April we will be having some pre-retreat, monthly online workshops where you will get to meet some of our experts.

  • Some pre-retreat prep work so you come to Vietnam ready for action.

  • Opportunities to share who you are and what you do - because you never know who is looking and interested in your work. Imagine walking away with new clients!

  • A membership hub where there will be EVERYTHING you need to know before you get on that plane and for arrivals and transfers.

  • A chance to book 1:1 sessions and have them before you arrive in Vietnam.

during UGWA

  • Meet and mingle with our Key Wisdom Keeper for UGWA 2022. Dr Tererai Trent will be staying with us the whole week and will be joining us from the stage for Keynote Presentations and Ultimate Chats. These alone are worth $1800 AUD to see. You can also purchase a VIP Dinner ticket that will cater to both mind and pallet with Tererai and Liesel.

  • Enjoy 7 nights accommodation in a single, or twin room - if you are travelling with friends we can make sure your rooms are next to/near each other. And as with all UGWA retreats if you would like to share but don't have anyone to share with we can match you up with someone and connect you before you arrive. If it where us choosing this we would go for the single option to indulge just a little more. Stay tuned for some upgrade prizes along the way!

  • Indulge in scrumptious Vietnamese, fusion and international food - your package includes 7 buffet breakfasts, 5 lunches, 4 dinners, including a cocktail party and welcome dinner. You may even score an invite to our exclusive Gin Club. ​

  • Transfers from Danang Airport to the hotel - we will advise the best times to arrive AND if you need an experienced travel agent we have two that we trust in the USA and Australia that can do international ticketing even if you don't live in either places.

  • A private check in and registration area along with a welcome drink and cool towell when you arrive.

  • Immerse yourself in our Ultimate Business Workshops by our hand-picked Facilitation Team. Choose your favourite workshops from our schedule to attend during your week (we guarantee a place). A few weeks before the event we will ask you to select your preferences (but don't worry you can change them when you are there). AND for those workshops that you don't get to see, you can view our library of recordings so you don't miss out.

  • Feel totally loved when you receive your Ultimate Girls Week Away Welcome Gifts filled with specially chosen goodies. Most of these will be selected from connecting with local business owners to support the local community. 

  • As an amazing extra we have organised our tailors from Phu Phu to come and  join us and you will walk away with some brand new wardrobe pieces, shoes, handbags or jewelry with $150 AUD

  • Every day you’ll be guided by one of our Ultimate Business Guides who will support you and the women in your  Circle. In a small group of like minded business women, in similar themed businesses to you you will have time to network talk about issues relevant to you. 

  • Shopping!! (If that is your thing) We have a market night to showcase what you do and sell so we will let you know when we are taking bookings for this. Hanoi also has some of the best shopping in Vietnam and we will have cars and taxis to take you into the Old Quater or one of the malls like Vincom Mega Royal City during free time.

  • Use your UGWA Journal that has been especially designed for space for you to take notes, nail and expand your business, and plan out the next 6 to 12 months. We will guide you through this from the stage, in our Circles and in the expert workshops.

  • Free wifi so you can effortlessly stay connected to the outside world if that’s your thing! Equally, you may just want to escape it all and focus on you and your business without distraction.

  • Exclusive, optional pre and post UGWA tours to other parts of Vietnam or neighboring countries.

  • An excursion day to explore the region you are in - head of early to Halong Bay (the home of the mother dragon) or Nihn Bihn, a cooking class, city tour or a spa day - the choice is yours (extra charges).​

  • Along with some exciting and secret experiences.......


  • All the memories taken by our retreat photographer will appear in the private Facebook Group.

  • After a month and three months we will meet together in our Circle Groups to talk about what we learnt, where we are at and the goals for the future.

  • At three and six months we will come together for some online discussions.

  • Be first to get exclusive offers from our team and for future UGWA retreats. 

not included

  • Legal and tax advice - check with your accountant and/or legal team in relation to your business.

  • Any travel to and from Danang Airport.

  • Travel insurance.

  • Visas and passports.

  • Minibar charges.

  • Drinks unless specified.

  • Extra food purchased that isn't listed.

  • Tips and personal shopping.


package options


single registration

  • Seven nights in a king-size deluxe room with city or lake views.

  • King size bed.

  • Modern bathroom amenities.

  • In-room dining.

  • Daily service if you would like your room cleaned each day.

  • Wi-fi to keep you connected.

Along with all the amenities you would expect at a JW Marriott Hotel.


AUD  $8187

USD   $6037

GBP  £4077

Euro  € 5477

Secure your place by paying in full or with a $500 AUD deposit

twin registration

  • Share with a friend or be matched by us.

  • Seven nights in a king-size deluxe room with city or lake views.

  • 2 x double beds

  • Modern bathroom amenities.

  • In-room dining.

  • Daily service if you would like your room cleaned each day.

  • Wi-fi to keep you connected.

Along with all the amenities you would expect.


AUD  $7247

USD   $5347

GBP   £4077

Euro  € 4847

Secure your place by paying in full or with a $500 AUD deposit


play but don't stay registration

  • If you want to come but stay nearby or with a friend then this is for you.

  • Wi-fi to keep you connected.

  • Everything that is listed in the inclusions. 


AUD  $5097

USD   $3777

GBP  £2877

Euro  €3397

Secure your place by paying in full or with a $500 AUD deposit

want to come but need to bring 'other' people?

​If you want to come along and bring other people who are not part of attending UGWA then email us to work out the best package for you.

In the email let us know what you are thinking so we can get a price to you for our reply.

Email HERE


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