The team

Our team is diverse in many ways - we come from the United Kingdom, India, Australia and the USA - we vary in age, beliefs, culture, experience, and ethnicity.  But we all have some common goals - we are all driven to succeed in our business and we have come together to support you to expand, nurture and walk away with a desire and commitment to your business dreams. 


Behind the Scenes

Liesel Albrecht - She/Her - The Retreat Specialist and Founder of The Ultimate Girls Week Away

Renee Martin - She/Her- Project Management         Mignon Lee-Warden - She/Her- Production and Technical      Deb Twite - She/Her - Social Media Manager                                                                  Manager 

Tanita Seton - She/Her - UGWA Photographer         Joy Farrhall - She/Her - UGWA Guest Liaison


Speakers and Facilitators

Shannon Dunn - She/Her Keynote - Introducing Becoming a Rebel Woman


Foundational Workshops

  • Jo Worthy - She/Her - Soulful Mentor  - Magnificent You, Magnificent Business - The Importance of Self Care

  • Jenni Williams - She/Her - Fitness, Keeping Your Body Healthy

  • Linda Beach - She/Her - Success Strategist - How to Manifest & Grow Your Business

  • Louise O'Reilly - Inclusion and Diversity Coach - The Importance of Inclusion in Your Business

  • Christine Farnham - She/Her - Intuitive Business Mentor - Working on the Blockages & Imposter Syndrome

  • Shannon Dunn - She/Her - Business Coach - The Rise of the Female Entrepreneur

  • Jessica Ritchie - She/her - Making Your Mark - Specialising in Business Branding

  • Heinna Vea - She/Her - Systems and Outsourcing Mentor - How To Set Up Your System Right

  • Maggie Sarfo  - She/Her - The Soul of Growth Mentor - Your Business Blueprint (& attracting desired clients)

  • Jay Crisp Crow - She/her Conversion Copywrite Queen - Words That Open Hearts and Bank Accounts and What You Need To Include In Your Website

  • Peace Mitchell and Katy Garner - AusMumpreneur


Expansion Workshops

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  • Jo Johnson - She/Her  - Storytelling in Business - How to Captivate Your Audience

  • Caroline Smith - She/Her - Profit Strategist - How What You Have Can Make Money

  • Laura Henshall - She/Her - Public Speaking Coach - How Not To Freak Out with Public Speaking

  • Sian Yewdall - She/Her- Publicist and PR Coach - The '6 P's For High-Impact Publicity

  • Swapna Thomas - She/Her - Business and Mindset Mentor - How to Have Sold Out Signature Programs

  • Social Media Marketing - Announcements Coming Soon

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Stay tuned for the announcements of specialists in other areas - and if you know any please let us know!